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Our Story

Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Developmental Services, Inc. (C.I.D.S.) is a private nonprofit agency established in 1972 in Elmira, NY. Serving Residents of Chemung County, the agency provides a continuum of infant, child, and family services relating to the healthy development of children dedicated to creating and implementing an integrated interdisciplinary system of identification, referral, and single-source access to child development services. 



 To enable each child to reach his or her developmental potential in the most cost-effective way.


Board of Directors

Dr. Jon Homuth                                       Dr. Abdel Mallouk

Board President                                                      Board Vice President


Ms. Megan Thomson                             Mrs. Susan Nagle

Board Treasurer                                                   Board Secretary

Mrs. Joy Perry

Ms. Catherine Burton

Ms. Sharon Coughlin

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